Here is a list of all modules:
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 qsnprintf/qsscanfSafer versions of sprintf/sscanf
 Relocatable object info flagsUsed by relobj_t::ri
 Functions: c stringsString C-style conversions (convert \n to a newline and vice versa)
 IDB default encoding -> UTF-8 encoding flagsUsed by idb_utf8
 Convert encoding flagsUsed by convert_encoding
 i/o redirection flagsUsed by channel_redir_t::flags
 Launch process flagsUsed by launch_process_params_t::flags
 Set menu flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to attach_action_to_menu() In case menupath == NULL new item will be added to the end of menu even when SETMENU_APP is not set
 create toolbar flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to create_toolbar()
 set_highlightr flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to set_highlight()
 IDC hotkey error codesReturn values for add_idc_hotkey()
 Widget open flagsPassed as options to open_form() and display_widget()
 Form close flagsPassed as options to close_widget()
 Docking positionsPassed as 'orient' parameter to set_dock_pos()
 Code viewer flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to create_code_viewer()
 Source viewer creation flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to callback for ui_create_source_viewer
 Simpleline interfaceIDA custom viewer sample
 Window typesAlso see Functions: open built-in windows
 Window refresh flagsPassed as 'mask' parameter to request_refresh()
 IDA debug bitsUsed by debug
 Generic chooser flagsUsed as 'chooser_base_t::flags'
 Chooser column flagsUsed by 'widths' parameter for Functions: generic list choosers
 Chooser item property bitsUsed by chooser_item_attrs_t::flags
 Special values of the chooser indexUsed in the following contexts: 1
 Text control property bitsUsed by textctrl_info_t::flags
 Functions: generic list choosersThese functions display a window that allows the user to select items
 Obsolete add_chooser_command()
 CLI attributesUsed by cli_t::flags
 Exec request flagsPassed as 'reqf' parameter to execute_sync()
 Jump flagsPassed as 'uijmp_flags' parameter to jumpto()
 Action context property bitsUsed by action_ctx_base_t::cur_flags
 Action flagsUsed by register_action()
 Functions: update actionsConvenience functions for ui_update_action_attr
 Functions: get action attributesConvenience functions for ui_get_action_attr
 Functions: custom viewer handlersConvenience functions for ui_set_custom_viewer_handler
 Functions: open built-in windowsConvenience functions for ui_open_builtin
 Functions: built-in choosersConvenience functions for ui_choose and choose_type_t
 ask_form()/open_form()This module describes how to generate a custom form
 Button IDsUsed by ask_yn() and ask_buttons()
 Input line history constantsPassed as 'hist' parameter to ask_str()
 Functions: add-onsConvenience functions for ui_addons
 Functions: stringsFunctions that manipulate strings
 Pack/UnpackFunctions for packing and unpacking values
 Template unpackingTemplate functions that can unpack values
 Vector packingConvenience functions for packing into vectors
 Compatibility Windows virtual keysCompatibility windows virtual keys to use in plugins which are not Qt aware
 Type flagsHere we describe the byte arrays used to describe type information
 Type info library property bitsUsed by til_t::flags
 Add TIL result codesReturned by add_base_tils()
 CMCalling convention & Model
 CCTarget compiler
 Type parsingFormat/Parse/Print type information
 Named typesFunctions to work with named types
 Numbered typesFunctions to work with numbered (ordinal) types
 Import type flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to import_type()
 Load TIL flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to add_til()
 Load TIL result codesReturn values for add_til()
 Apply tinfo flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to apply_tinfo()
 Guess tinfo codesReturn values for guess_tinfo()
 UDT serialization flagsPassed as 'sudt_flags' parameter of helpers declared in DECLARE_TINFO_HELPERS
 Find UDT member flagsUsed by 'strmem_flags' parameter to find_udt_member()
 tinfo_t comparison flagsPassed as 'tcflags' parameter to tinfo_t::compare_with()
 Function argument property bitsUsed by funcarg_t::flags
 Function type data property bitsUsed by func_type_data_t::flags
 Type modification bitsUsed by type_mods_t::flags
 tinfo visitor statesUsed by tinfo_visitor_t::state
 C data formatting propertiesC data formatting properties
 C Number formatting flagsPassed as 'pcn' parameter to format_c_number()
 Item end search flagsPassed as 'how' parameter to calc_max_item_end()
 Flags structureHere we define the organization of flags_t values
 flags for get_bytes()
 Unexplored byte conversion flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to del_items()
 string literal length optionsPassed as 'options' parameter to get_max_strlit_length()
 string conversion flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to get_strlit_contents()
 flags for use with get_strlit_type_info
 Search flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to bin_search()
 Instruction feature bitsUsed by instruc_t::feature
 Assembler feature bitsUsed by asm_t::flag
 Secondary assembler feature bitsUsed by asm_t::flag2
 Processor IDsUsed by processor_t::id
 Processor feature bitsUsed by processor_t::flag
 Processor additional feature bitsUsed by processor_t::flag2
 SP/FP operand flagsReturn values for processor_t::is_sp_based()
 General idainfo flagsUsed by idainfo::s_genflags
 Misc. database flagsUsed by idainfo::lflags
 Line prefix optionsUsed by idainfo::get_pack_mode
 Analysis flagsUsed by idainfo::af
 Analysis flags 2Used by idainfo::af2
 Xref optionsUsed by idainfo::s_xrefflag
 Dummy names representation typesUsed by idainfo::nametype
 Demangled name flagsUsed by idainfo::demnames
 Name list optionsUsed by idainfo::listnames
 output flagsUsed by idainfo::outflags
 Comment optionsUsed by idainfo::s_cmtflg
 Delimiter optionsUsed by idainfo::s_limiter
 Line prefix optionsUsed by idainfo::s_prefflag
 string literal flagsUsed by idainfo::strlit_flags
 abi optionsUsed by idainfo::abibits
 Disassembly line optionsCombinations of these values are used as user data for linearray_t
 Register info attribute flagsUsed by register_info_t::flags
 Hardware breakpoint idsFire the breakpoint upon one of these events
 Exception info flagsUsed by exception_info_t::flags
 Register value typesUsed by regval_t::rvtype
 Debugger API module idUsed by debugger_t::id
 Debugger module featuresDebugger module features may be set inside debugger_t::init_debugger() except of the severals
 Debugger module featuresUsed by debugger_t::flags2
 Resume modesUsed by debugger_t::resume_modes
 Debug process flagsPassed as 'dbg_proc_flags' parameter to debugger_t::start_process
 Breakpoint verification codesReturn values for debugger_t::check_bpt
 Appcall optionsPassed as 'options' parameter to debugger_t::appcall
 Breakpoint modification eventsPassed as 'bptev_code' parameter to dbg_bpt_changed callback
 Debugger functionsControl the debugging of a process
 Breakpoint property bitsUsed by bpt_t::flags
 Internal breakpoint propertiesUsed by bpt_t::props
 Source info provider property bitsUsed by srcinfo_provider_t::flags
 Source info changed flagsReturned by srcinfo_provider_t::get_change_flags()
 Loader flagsUsed by loader_t::flags
 Load file flagsPassed as 'neflags' parameter to loader_t::load_file
 loader info flagsUsed by load_info_t::lflags
 Generate file flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to gen_file()
 Plugin featuresUsed by plugin_t::flags
 Plugin initialization codesReturn values for plugin_t::init()
 Snapshot flagsUsed by snapshot_t::flags
 Snapshot update flagsPassed as 'uf' parameter to update_snapshot_attributes()
 Database flagsUsed to manage saving/closing of a database
 Types of the file pathes
 Reserved netnode tagsTags internally used in netnodes
 IDC variable slice flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to get_idcv_slice() and set_idcv_slice()
 Dereference IDC variable flagsPassed as 'vref_flags' parameter to deref_idcv()
 IDC value typesUsed by idc_value_t::vtype
 Function description flagsUsed by ext_idcfunc_t::flags
 Flags for compile_idc_file()Compile a text file with IDC function(s)
 SegmentsFunctions that deal with program segmentation.
 OperandsWork with instruction operands
 InstructionDefinition of insn_t and related items
 Stack variable flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to create_stkvar()
 Output value flagsFlags passed to out_value()
 format flagsUsed by format_charlit
 Function flagsUsed by func_t::flags
 Function move result codesReturn values for set_func_start()
 Find function bounds flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to find_func_bounds()
 Find function bounds result codesReturn values for find_func_bounds()
 Error codes for signature functions:See calc_idasgn_state() and del_idasgn()
 Library function codesReturn values for try_to_add_libfunc() and apply_idasgn_to()
 Add stkvar flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to add_stkvar()
 Register variablesDefinition of regvar_t and related functions
 Color definitionsHere we describe the structure of embedded escape sequences used to implement syntax highlighting
 Line prefix colorsLine prefix colors are not used in modules
 Set name flagsPassed as 'flag' parameter to set_name(ea_t, const char *, int)
 Name value result codesReturn values for get_name_value()
 bits for get_ea_name() function. There is a convenienceFunction calc_gtn_flags() to calculate the GN_LOCAL flag
 Name expression flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to get_name_expr()
 Nice colored name flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to get_nice_colored_name()
 IDA subdirectoriesPassed as 'subdir' parameter to idadir(), getsysfile(), and others
 Subdirectory modification flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to get_ida_subdirs()
 Common CSIDLsPassed as 'csidl' parameter to get_special_folder()
 Cross-Reference typesDescribe categories of code/data xrefs
 Xref enumeration flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to functions in xrefblk_t
 Struct member propertiesUsed by member_t::props
 Structure propertiesUsed by struc_t::props
 Set member tinfo flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to set_member_tinfo()
 Add enum member result codesReturn values for add_enum_member()
 Autoanalysis queuesNames and priorities of the analyzer queues
 Status indicator states
 Types of fixupsFixup may be of standard or custom type
 Fixup flagsUsed by fixup_data_t
 Fixup handler propertiesUsed by fixup_handler_t::props
 Tuning options
 Parser token typesSee token_t::type
 Lexer optionsPassed as 'options' parameter to lex_set_options()
 Compression error codesReturned by functions in compress.hpp
 Compression methodsPassed as 'method' parameter to callback functions in compress.hpp
 Search flags
 entry flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to add_entry(ea_t, const char *, int)
 Floating point/IEEE Conversion codesReturn values for and processor_t::realcvt_t request
 Structure of altvals arrayStructure of altvals array of netnode(ea)
 Structure of supvals arrayStructure of supvals array of netnode(ea)
 Netnode xref tagsTag values to store xrefs (see cref.cpp)
 Netnode graph tagsTag values to store graph info
 Additional flags for the locationAll 32-bits of the main flags (bytes.hpp) are used up
 String type codes
 Switch info flagsUsed by switch_info_t::flags
 Types of referencesReferences are represented in the following form:
 Reference info flagsUsed by refinfo_t::flags
 Refinfo handler propertiesUsed by custom_refinfo_handler_t::props
 Rootnode indexes:
 Node info flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to set_node_info()
 graph_location_info_t control flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to viewer_set_gli() and viewer_get_gli()
 Proximity view layouts
 Flow graph building flagsPassed as flags parameter to:
 Call chart building flagsPassed as flags parameter to gen_complex_call_chart()
 Flow chart flagsPassed as 'flags' parameter to qflow_chart_t