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til_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Type Information Library.

Public Attributes

char * name
 short file name (without path and extension)
char * desc
 human readable til description
int nbases
 number of base tils
struct til_t ** base
 tils that our til is based on
uint32 flags
 Type info library property bits
compiler_info_t cc
 information about the target compiler
struct til_bucket_t * syms
struct til_bucket_t * types
struct til_bucket_t * macros
int nrefs
 number of references to the til
int nstreams
 number of extra streams
struct til_stream_t ** streams
 symbol stream storage

Public Member Functions

bool is_dirty (void) const
 Has the til been modified? (TIL_MOD)
void set_dirty (void)
 Mark the til as modified (TIL_MOD)
 til_t (void)

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