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qflow_chart_t Class Reference

Detailed Description

A flow chart for a function, or a set of address ranges.

Inherits cancellable_graph_t.

Public Attributes

qstring title
range_t bounds
 overall bounds of the qflow_chart_t instance
 the function this instance was built upon
int flags
 flags. See Flow chart flags
blocks_t blocks
 basic blocks
int nproper
 number of basic blocks belonging to the specified range
- Public Attributes inherited from cancellable_graph_t
bool cancelled
char padding [3]

Public Member Functions

idaapi qflow_chart_t (const char *_title, func_t *_pfn, ea_t _ea1, ea_t _ea2, int _flags)
void idaapi create (const char *_title, func_t *_pfn, ea_t _ea1, ea_t _ea2, int _flags)
void idaapi create (const char *_title, const rangevec_t &ranges, int _flags)
void idaapi append_to_flowchart (ea_t ea1, ea_t ea2)
void idaapi refresh (void)
fc_block_type_t calc_block_type (size_t blknum) const
bool is_ret_block (size_t blknum) const
bool is_noret_block (size_t blknum) const
void idaapi print_node_attributes (FILE *, int) const
int idaapi nsucc (int node) const
int idaapi npred (int node) const
int idaapi succ (int node, int i) const
int idaapi pred (int node, int i) const
bool idaapi print_names (void) const
char *idaapi get_node_label (char *, int, int) const
int idaapi size (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cancellable_graph_t
bool idaapi check_cancel (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gdl_graph_t
virtual void idaapi print_graph_attributes (FILE *) const
virtual bool idaapi print_node (FILE *, int) const
virtual bool idaapi print_edge (FILE *, int, int) const
virtual int idaapi node_qty (void) const
virtual bool idaapi exists (int) const
virtual int idaapi entry (void) const
virtual int idaapi exit (void) const
virtual bool idaapi empty (void) const
virtual bgcolor_t idaapi get_node_color (int) const
virtual bgcolor_t idaapi get_edge_color (int, int) const
void idaapi gen_gdl (FILE *fp) const
void idaapi gen_gdl (const char *file) const
size_t idaapi nedge (int node, bool ispred) const
int idaapi edge (int node, int i, bool ispred) const
int idaapi front (void)
node_iterator idaapi begin (void) const
node_iterator idaapi end (void) const
bool idaapi path_exists (int m, int n) const
void idaapi gen_dot (FILE *fp) const
void idaapi gen_dot (const char *file) const

Public Types

typedef qvector< qbasic_block_tblocks_t

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