IDA SDK: General idainfo flags

General idainfo flags

Detailed Description

Used by idainfo::s_genflags.


#define INFFL_AUTO   0x01
 Autoanalysis is enabled?
#define INFFL_ALLASM   0x02
 may use constructs not supported by More...
#define INFFL_LOADIDC   0x04
 loading an idc file that contains database info
#define INFFL_NOUSER   0x08
 do not store user info in the database
#define INFFL_READONLY   0x10
 (internal) temporary interdiction to modify the database
#define INFFL_CHKOPS   0x20
 check manual operands? (unused)
#define INFFL_NMOPS   0x40
 allow non-matched operands? (unused)
#define INFFL_GRAPH_VIEW   0x80
 currently using graph options ( text_options_t::graph)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define INFFL_ALLASM   0x02

may use constructs not supported by

the target assembler