Functions: manipulate data bits

Detailed Description

ealinear address
lengthsize of array in bytes. should be divisible by the size of one item of the specified type.


idaman bool ida_export create_data (ea_t ea, flags_t dataflag, asize_t size, tid_t tid)
 Convert to data (byte, word, dword, etc). More...
bool idaapi create_byte (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to byte.
bool idaapi create_word (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to word.
bool idaapi create_dword (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to dword.
bool idaapi create_qword (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to quadword.
bool idaapi create_oword (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to octaword/xmm word.
bool idaapi create_yword (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to ymm word.
bool idaapi create_zword (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to zmm word.
bool idaapi create_tbyte (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to tbyte.
bool idaapi create_float (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to float.
bool idaapi create_double (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to double.
bool idaapi create_packed_real (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to packed decimal real.
bool idaapi create_struct (ea_t ea, asize_t length, tid_t tid)
 Convert to struct.
bool idaapi create_custdata (ea_t ea, asize_t length, int dtid, int fid)
 Convert to custom data type.
idaman bool ida_export create_align (ea_t ea, asize_t length, int alignment)
 Alignment: 0 or 2..32. If it is 0, is will be calculated.
idaman int ida_export calc_min_align (asize_t length)
 Returns: 1..32.
idaman int ida_export calc_max_align (ea_t endea)
 Returns: 0..32.
idaman int ida_export calc_def_align (ea_t ea, int mina, int maxa)
 Calculate default alignment.
idaman bool ida_export create_16bit_data (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to 16-bit quantity (take byte size into account)
idaman bool ida_export create_32bit_data (ea_t ea, asize_t length)
 Convert to 32-bit quantity (take byte size into account)

Function Documentation

idaman bool ida_export create_data ( ea_t  ea,
flags_t  dataflag,
asize_t  size,
tid_t  tid 

Convert to data (byte, word, dword, etc).

This function may be used to create arrays.

ealinear address
dataflagtype of data. Value of function byte_flag(), word_flag(), etc.
sizesize of array in bytes. should be divisible by the size of one item of the specified type. for variable sized items it can be specified as 0, and the kernel will try to calculate the size.
tidtype id. If the specified type is a structure, then tid is structure id. Otherwise should be BADNODE.