IDA SDK: action_ctx_base_t Struct Reference

action_ctx_base_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Maintain information about the current state of the UI.

This allows actions to behave appropriately (see action_handler_t)

Inherited by action_activation_ctx_t, and action_update_ctx_t.

Public Attributes

TWidget * widget
twidget_type_t widget_type
 type of current widget
qstring widget_title
 title of current widget
sizevec_t chooser_selection
 current chooser selection (0-based)
const char * action
 action name
uint32 cur_flags
 Current address information. More...
ea_t cur_ea
 the current EA of the position in the view
ea_t cur_extracted_ea
 the possible EA the cursor is positioned on
 the current function
 the current function chunk
 the current structure
 the current structure member
enum_t cur_enum
 the current enum
 the current segment
struct {
   twinpos_t   from
 start of selection
   twinpos_t   to
 end of selection
 the currently selected range. also see ACF_HAS_SELECTION
union {
   int   reg
 register number (if widget_type == BWN_CPUREGS and context menu opened on register)
TWidget * focus
 The focused widget in case it is not the 'form' itself (e.g., the 'quick filter' input in choosers.)
void * reserved
 For possible future extension.

Public Member Functions

 action_ctx_base_t ()
void reset ()
 Invalidate all context info.
bool has_flag (uint32 flag) const
 Check if the given flag is set.

Member Data Documentation

uint32 action_ctx_base_t::cur_flags

Current address information.

see Action context property bits

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