Generic chooser flags

Detailed Description

used as 'chooser_base_t::flags'


#define CH_MODAL   0x01
 Modal chooser.
#define CH_KEEP   0x02
 The chooser instance's lifecycle is not tied to. More...
#define CH_MULTI   0x04
 The chooser will allow multi-selection (only for. More...
#define CH_MULTI_EDIT   0x08
#define CH_NOBTNS   0x10
 do not display ok/cancel/help/search buttons. More...
#define CH_ATTRS   0x20
 generate ui_get_chooser_item_attrs (gui only)
#define CH_NOIDB   0x40
 use the chooser before opening the database
#define CH_FORCE_DEFAULT   0x80
 if a non-modal chooser was already open, change selection to the default one
#define CH_CAN_INS   0x000100
 allow to insert new items
#define CH_CAN_DEL   0x000200
 allow to delete existing item(s)
#define CH_CAN_EDIT   0x000400
 allow to edit existing item(s)
#define CH_CAN_REFRESH   0x000800
 allow to refresh chooser
#define CH_QFLT   0x001000
 open with quick filter enabled and focused
#define CH_QFTYP_SHIFT   13
#define CH_QFTYP_DEFAULT   0
 set quick filtering type to the possible existing default for this chooser
 normal (i.e., lexicographical) quick filter type
 whole words quick filter type
 regex quick filter type
 fuzzy search quick filter type
#define CH_QFTYP_MASK   (0x7 << CH_QFTYP_SHIFT)
#define CH_NEW   0x10000
 new callback prototypes
#define CH_BUILTIN_SHIFT   19
#define CH_BUILTIN(id)    ((id+1) << CH_BUILTIN_SHIFT)
 Mask for builtin chooser numbers. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CH_KEEP   0x02

The chooser instance's lifecycle is not tied to.

the lifecycle of the widget showing its contents. Closing the widget will not destroy the chooser structure. This allows for, e.g., static global chooser instances that don't need to be allocated on the heap. Also stack-allocated chooser instances must set this bit.

#define CH_MULTI   0x04

The chooser will allow multi-selection (only for.

GUI choosers). This bit is set when using the chooser_multi_t structure.

#define CH_NOBTNS   0x10

do not display ok/cancel/help/search buttons.

meaningful only for gui modal windows because non-modal windows do not have any buttons anyway. text mode does not have them neither


Mask for builtin chooser numbers.

Plugins should not use them