Structure of altvals array

Detailed Description

Structure of altvals array of netnode(ea).

altvals is a virtual array of 32-bit longs attached to a netnode. the size of this array is unlimited. Unused indexes are not kept in the database. We use only first several indexes to this array.


#define NALT_ENUM   uval_t(-2)
 reserved for enums, see enum.hpp
#define NALT_WIDE   uval_t(-1)
 16-bit byte value
#define NALT_SWITCH   1
 switch idiom address (used at jump targets)
#define NALT_STRUCT   3
 struct id
#define NALT_AFLAGS   8
 additional flags for an item
#define NALT_LINNUM   9
 source line number
#define NALT_ABSBASE   10
 absolute segment location
#define NALT_ENUM0   11
 enum id for the first operand
#define NALT_ENUM1   12
 enum id for the second operand
#define NALT_PURGE   15
 number of bytes purged from the stack when a function is called indirectly
#define NALT_STRTYPE   16
 type of string item
#define NALT_ALIGN   17
 alignment value if the item is FF_ALIGN More...
#define NALT_COLOR   20
 instruction/data background color

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NALT_ALIGN   17

alignment value if the item is FF_ALIGN

(should by equal to power of 2)