Search flags

Detailed Description


#define SEARCH_UP   0x000
 search towards lower addresses
#define SEARCH_DOWN   0x001
 search towards higher addresses
#define SEARCH_NEXT   0x002
 useful only for search() and find_binary(). More...
#define SEARCH_CASE   0x004
 case-sensitive search (case-insensitive otherwise)
#define SEARCH_REGEX   0x008
 regular expressions in search string (only supported for txt search)
#define SEARCH_NOBRK   0x010
 don't test for ctrl-break to interrupt the search
#define SEARCH_NOSHOW   0x020
 don't display the search progress/refresh screen
#define SEARCH_IDENT   0x080
 search for an identifier (text search). More...
#define SEARCH_BRK   0x100
 return BADADDR if Ctrl-Break wass pressed during search

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SEARCH_NEXT   0x002

useful only for search() and find_binary().

for other find_.. functions it is implicitly set

#define SEARCH_IDENT   0x080

search for an identifier (text search).

it means that the characters before and after the match can not be is_visible_char().