IDA SDK: Nice colored name flags

Nice colored name flags

Detailed Description

Passed as 'flags' parameter to get_nice_colored_name()


#define GNCN_NOSEG   0x0001
 ignore the segment prefix when producing the name
#define GNCN_NOCOLOR   0x0002
 generate an uncolored name
#define GNCN_NOLABEL   0x0004
 don't generate labels
#define GNCN_NOFUNC   0x0008
 don't generate funcname+... expressions
#define GNCN_SEG_FUNC   0x0010
 generate both segment and function names (default is to omit segment name if a function name is present)
#define GNCN_SEGNUM   0x0020
 segment part is displayed as a hex number
#define GNCN_REQFUNC   0x0040
 return 0 if the address does not belong to a function
#define GNCN_REQNAME   0x0080
 return 0 if the address can only be represented as a hex number
#define GNCN_NODBGNM   0x0100
 don't use debug names
#define GNCN_PREFDBG   0x0200
 if using debug names, prefer debug names over function names