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plugin_t Class Reference

Detailed Description

A plugin is a module in the plugins subdirectory that can perform an action asked by the user.

(usually via pressing a hotkey)

Public Attributes

int version
 Should be equal to IDP_INTERFACE_VERSION.
int flags
 Plugin features
int(idaapiinit )(void)
 Initialize plugin - returns Plugin initialization codes.
void(idaapiterm )(void)
 Terminate plugin. More...
bool(idaapirun )(size_t arg)
 Invoke plugin.
const char * comment
 Long comment about the plugin. More...
const char * help
 Multiline help about the plugin.
const char * wanted_name
 The preferred short name of the plugin.
const char * wanted_hotkey
 The preferred hotkey to run the plugin.

Member Data Documentation

void(idaapi * plugin_t::term) (void)

Terminate plugin.

This function will be called when the plugin is unloaded. May be NULL.

const char* plugin_t::comment

Long comment about the plugin.

it could appear in the status line or as a hint

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