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The 2020 edition of our plug-in contest is open.

Contest rules

Reverse engineering and analyzing software are difficult. It is challenging even with the top of the line tools like IDA: quite frequently, the limitations of the tool reveal themselves. That's why IDA can be programmed in multiple ways: with with Python 2 or 3, and with plugins in C/C++.

Put shortly:
  • Create an innovative and useful extension of our products and win the contest!
  • Three cash prizes are on the stake: the first place is 3000 USD, the second place is 2000 USD, and the third place is 1000 USD.
  • Who can participate: all IDA license holders.
More elaborate rules and other fine print
  1. The contest goal is to create an innovative, interesting, and useful extension for IDA and/or the Decompiler. The extension can be written in C, C++, or Python.
  2. The winners of the contest get a cash prize (3000 USD, 2000 USD, and 1000 USD).
  3. All IDA license holders can participate (with or without active support plan), except Hex-Rays employees and their families.
  4. How to participate:
    • Send your plugin to [email protected]
    • The submission should include the source code and a small description on how to use the plugin.
    • Specify who exactly should be credited for the plugin. It's that name (or those names, or possibly even company name, university name, ...) that will appear as the plugin author, in the results page.
  5. By submitting an entry you declare that you own the copyright to the source code or you are authorized to use it.
  6. The contest duration: your entries should reach us on 15 September 2020 the latest (Belgian time). We will process the entries and declare the winners within one week.
  7. Hex-Rays shall decide the winners.
  8. What will be asked from the winners: a proper and legal picture identification and bank account information within 30 days of notification of winning. The bank transfer will be made within two weeks after authenticating the winner.
  9. Collective entries are allowed. The prize will be paid to the person designated by the group.
  10. The winners will be listed on the 'Hall of Fame' web page. The winner may request Hex-Rays not to disclose his/her real name on that page.

Previous years contributions and results:

All previous entries and winners from previous years can be viewed below:

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