Fixup flags

Detailed Description

Used by fixup_data_t.


#define FIXUPF_REL   0x0001
 fixup is relative to the linear address `base'. More...
#define FIXUPF_EXTDEF   0x0002
 target is a location (otherwise - segment). More...
#define FIXUPF_UNUSED   0x0004
 fixup is ignored by IDA More...
#define FIXUPF_CREATED   0x0008
 fixup was not present in the input file
#define FIXUPF_LOADER_MASK   0xF0000000
 additional flags. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FIXUPF_REL   0x0001

fixup is relative to the linear address `base'.

Otherwise fixup is relative to the start of the segment with `sel' selector.

#define FIXUPF_EXTDEF   0x0002

target is a location (otherwise - segment).

Use this bit if the target is a symbol rather than an offset from the beginning of a segment.

#define FIXUPF_UNUSED   0x0004

fixup is ignored by IDA

  • disallows the kernel to convert operands
  • this fixup is not used during output
#define FIXUPF_LOADER_MASK   0xF0000000

additional flags.

The bits from this mask are not stored in the database and can be used by the loader at its discretion.