IDA SDK: Types of references

Types of references

Detailed Description

References are represented in the following form:

target + tdelta - base 

If the target is not present, then it will be calculated using

target = operand_value - tdelta + base 

The target must be present for LOW and HIGH reference types


const reftype_t V695_REF_OFF8 = 0
const reftype_t REF_OFF16 = 1
 16bit full offset
const reftype_t REF_OFF32 = 2
 32bit full offset
const reftype_t REF_LOW8 = 3
 low 8bits of 16bit offset
const reftype_t REF_LOW16 = 4
 low 16bits of 32bit offset
const reftype_t REF_HIGH8 = 5
 high 8bits of 16bit offset
const reftype_t REF_HIGH16 = 6
 high 16bits of 32bit offset
const reftype_t V695_REF_VHIGH = 7
const reftype_t V695_REF_VLOW = 8
const reftype_t REF_OFF64 = 9
 64bit full offset
const reftype_t REF_OFF8 = 10
 8bit full offset
const reftype_t REF_LAST = REF_OFF8