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struc_t Class Reference

Detailed Description

Information about a structure type (assembly level)

Public Attributes

tid_t id
 struct id
uint32 memqty
 number of members
 only defined members are stored here. More...
ushort age
 not used
uint32 props
 Structure properties
int32 ordinal
 corresponding local type ordinal number

Public Member Functions

bool is_varstr (void) const
 Is variable size structure?
bool is_union (void) const
 Is a union?
bool has_union (void) const
 Has members of type "union"?
bool is_choosable (void) const
 Is included in chooser list? Use set_struc_listed to change the listed status.
bool from_til (void) const
 Does structure come from a type library?
bool is_hidden (void) const
 Is the structure collapsed? Use set_struc_hidden to change the hidden status.
bool is_frame (void) const
 Is this structure a function frame?
int get_alignment (void) const
bool is_ghost (void) const
 Is a ghost copy of a local type?
void set_alignment (int shift)
 Do not use; use set_struc_align()
void set_ghost (bool _is_ghost)

Protected Member Functions

 struc_t (void)
 plugins may not create struc_t instances. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

struc_t::struc_t ( void  )

plugins may not create struc_t instances.

they should use add_struc() and get_struc()

Member Data Documentation

member_t* struc_t::members

only defined members are stored here.

there may be gaps between members.

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