Structure properties

Detailed Description

Used by struc_t::props.


#define SF_VAR   0x00000001
 is variable size structure (varstruct)? More...
#define SF_UNION   0x00000002
 is a union? More...
#define SF_HASUNI   0x00000004
 has members of type "union"?
#define SF_NOLIST   0x00000008
 don't include in the chooser list
#define SF_TYPLIB   0x00000010
 the structure comes from type library
#define SF_HIDDEN   0x00000020
 the structure is collapsed
#define SF_FRAME   0x00000040
 the structure is a function frame
#define SF_ALIGN   0x00000F80
 alignment (shift amount: 0..31)
#define SF_GHOST   0x00001000
 ghost copy of a local type

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SF_VAR   0x00000001

is variable size structure (varstruct)?

a variable size structure is one with the zero size last member. if the last member is a varstruct, then the current structure is a varstruct too.

#define SF_UNION   0x00000002

is a union?

varunions are prohibited!