Basic type: unknown & void

Detailed Description

BT_UNK and BT_VOID with non-zero type flags can be used in function (and struct) declarations to describe the function arguments or structure fields if only their size is known. They may be used in ida to describe the user input.

For struct used also as 'single-field-alignment-suffix' [__declspec(align(x))] with TYPE_MODIF_MASK == TYPE_FULL_MASK.


const type_t BT_UNK = 0x00
const type_t BT_VOID = 0x01
const type_t BTMT_SIZE0 = 0x00
 BT_VOID - normal void; BT_UNK - don't use
const type_t BTMT_SIZE12 = 0x10
 size = 1 byte if BT_VOID; 2 if BT_UNK
const type_t BTMT_SIZE48 = 0x20
 size = 4 bytes if BT_VOID; 8 if BT_UNK
const type_t BTMT_SIZE128 = 0x30
 size = 16 bytes if BT_VOID; unknown if BT_UNK (IN struct alignment - see below)