Cross-Reference type flags

Detailed Description

These flags are combined with a cref_t or dref_t value to describe the type of a cross reference.

These bits are accessible to the kernel.


#define XREF_USER   0x20
 User specified xref. More...
#define XREF_TAIL   0x40
 Reference to tail byte in extrn symbols.
#define XREF_BASE   0x80
 Reference to the base part of an offset.
#define XREF_MASK   0x1F
 Mask to get xref type.
#define XREF_PASTEND   0x100
 Reference is past item. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define XREF_USER   0x20

User specified xref.

This xref will not be deleted by IDA. This bit should be combined with the existing xref types (cref_t & dref_t) Can not be used for fl_F xrefs

#define XREF_PASTEND   0x100

Reference is past item.

This bit may be passed to add_dref() functions but it won't be saved in the database. It will prevent the destruction of eventual alignment directives.