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Segment groups

Detailed Description


#define MAX_GROUPS   8
 max number of segment groups


idaman int ida_export set_group_selector (sel_t grp, sel_t sel)
 Initialize groups. More...
idaman sel_t ida_export get_group_selector (sel_t grpsel)
 Get common selector for a group of segments. More...

Function Documentation

idaman int ida_export set_group_selector ( sel_t  grp,
sel_t  sel 

Initialize groups.

The kernel calls this function at the start of work.Create a new group of segments (used OMF files).

grpselector of group segment (segment type is SEG_GRP) You should create an 'empty' (1 byte) group segment It won't contain anything and will be used to redirect references to the group of segments to the common selector.
selcommon selector of all segments belonging to the segment You should create all segments within the group with the same selector value.
1 ok
0 too many groups (see MAX_GROUPS)
idaman sel_t ida_export get_group_selector ( sel_t  grpsel)

Get common selector for a group of segments.

grpselselector of group segment
common selector of the group or 'grpsel' if no such group is found