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Special enum definitions

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typedef uchar bte_t
 Enum type flags.


const bte_t BTE_SIZE_MASK = 0x07
 storage size. More...
const bte_t BTE_RESERVED = 0x08
 must be 0, in order to distinguish from a tah-byte
const bte_t BTE_BITFIELD = 0x10
 'subarrays'. More...
const bte_t BTE_OUT_MASK = 0x60
 output style mask
const bte_t BTE_HEX = 0x00
const bte_t BTE_CHAR = 0x20
 char or hex
const bte_t BTE_SDEC = 0x40
 signed decimal
const bte_t BTE_UDEC = 0x60
 unsigned decimal
const bte_t BTE_ALWAYS = 0x80
 this bit MUST be present

Variable Documentation

const bte_t BTE_SIZE_MASK = 0x07

storage size.

  • if == 0 ph.get_default_enum_size()
  • else 1 << (n -1) = 1,2,4...64
const bte_t BTE_BITFIELD = 0x10


In this case ANY record has the following format:

  • 'de' mask (has name)
  • 'dt' cnt
  • cnt records of 'de' values (cnt CAN be 0)
    delta for ALL subsegment is ONE