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custom_refinfo_handler_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Manage a custom refinfo type.

Public Attributes

int32 cbsize
 size of this structure
const char * name
 Format name, must be unique.
const char * desc
 Refinfo description to use in Ctrl-R dialog.
int props
 properties (currently 0)
int(idaapigen_expr )(qstring *buf, qstring *format, ea_t ea, int opnum, const refinfo_t &ri, ea_t from, adiff_t *opval, ea_t *target, ea_t *fullvalue, int getn_flags)
bool(idaapicalc_reference_data )(ea_t *target, ea_t *base, ea_t from, const refinfo_t &ri, adiff_t opval)
void(idaapiget_format )(qstring *format)

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