IDA SDK: Color tags

Detailed Description

Specify a color for a syntax item.


const color_t COLOR_DEFAULT = 0x01
const color_t COLOR_REGCMT = 0x02
 Regular comment.
const color_t COLOR_RPTCMT = 0x03
 Repeatable comment (comment defined somewhere else)
const color_t COLOR_AUTOCMT = 0x04
 Automatic comment.
const color_t COLOR_INSN = 0x05
const color_t COLOR_DATNAME = 0x06
 Dummy Data Name.
const color_t COLOR_DNAME = 0x07
 Regular Data Name.
const color_t COLOR_DEMNAME = 0x08
 Demangled Name.
const color_t COLOR_SYMBOL = 0x09
const color_t COLOR_CHAR = 0x0A
 Char constant in instruction.
const color_t COLOR_STRING = 0x0B
 String constant in instruction.
const color_t COLOR_NUMBER = 0x0C
 Numeric constant in instruction.
const color_t COLOR_VOIDOP = 0x0D
 Void operand.
const color_t COLOR_CREF = 0x0E
 Code reference.
const color_t COLOR_DREF = 0x0F
 Data reference.
const color_t COLOR_CREFTAIL = 0x10
 Code reference to tail byte.
const color_t COLOR_DREFTAIL = 0x11
 Data reference to tail byte.
const color_t COLOR_ERROR = 0x12
 Error or problem.
const color_t COLOR_PREFIX = 0x13
 Line prefix.
const color_t COLOR_BINPREF = 0x14
 Binary line prefix bytes.
const color_t COLOR_EXTRA = 0x15
 Extra line.
const color_t COLOR_ALTOP = 0x16
 Alternative operand.
const color_t COLOR_HIDNAME = 0x17
 Hidden name.
const color_t COLOR_LIBNAME = 0x18
 Library function name.
const color_t COLOR_LOCNAME = 0x19
 Local variable name.
const color_t COLOR_CODNAME = 0x1A
 Dummy code name.
const color_t COLOR_ASMDIR = 0x1B
 Assembler directive.
const color_t COLOR_MACRO = 0x1C
const color_t COLOR_DSTR = 0x1D
 String constant in data directive.
const color_t COLOR_DCHAR = 0x1E
 Char constant in data directive.
const color_t COLOR_DNUM = 0x1F
 Numeric constant in data directive.
const color_t COLOR_KEYWORD = 0x20
const color_t COLOR_REG = 0x21
 Register name.
const color_t COLOR_IMPNAME = 0x22
 Imported name.
const color_t COLOR_SEGNAME = 0x23
 Segment name.
const color_t COLOR_UNKNAME = 0x24
 Dummy unknown name.
const color_t COLOR_CNAME = 0x25
 Regular code name.
const color_t COLOR_UNAME = 0x26
 Regular unknown name.
const color_t COLOR_COLLAPSED = 0x27
 Collapsed line.
const color_t COLOR_FG_MAX = 0x28
 Max color number.
const color_t COLOR_ADDR = COLOR_FG_MAX
 hidden address marks. More...
const color_t COLOR_OPND1 = COLOR_ADDR+1
 Instruction operand 1.
const color_t COLOR_OPND2 = COLOR_ADDR+2
 Instruction operand 2.
const color_t COLOR_OPND3 = COLOR_ADDR+3
 Instruction operand 3.
const color_t COLOR_OPND4 = COLOR_ADDR+4
 Instruction operand 4.
const color_t COLOR_OPND5 = COLOR_ADDR+5
 Instruction operand 5.
const color_t COLOR_OPND6 = COLOR_ADDR+6
 Instruction operand 6.
const color_t COLOR_OPND7 = COLOR_ADDR+7
 Instruction operand 7.
const color_t COLOR_OPND8 = COLOR_ADDR+8
 Instruction operand 8.
const color_t COLOR_RESERVED1 = COLOR_ADDR+11
 This tag is reserved for internal IDA use.

Variable Documentation

const color_t COLOR_ADDR = COLOR_FG_MAX

hidden address marks.

the address is represented as 8digit hex number: 01234567. it doesn't have COLOR_OFF pair. NB: for 64-bit IDA, the address is 16digit.