Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C__qtimer_tTimer opaque handle
 C_qstring< qchar >Reimplementation of the string class from STL
 C_qstring< char >
 Caction_ctx_base_tMaintain information about the current state of the UI
 Caction_desc_tDescribe an action to be registered (see register_action())
 Caction_handler_tManages the behavior of a registered action
 Caddon_info_tInformation about an installed add-on (e.g. a plugin)
 Caloc_visitor_tVisit all argument locations
 Cargloc_tDescribes an argument location
 Carray_parameters_tDescribes how to display an array
 Carray_type_data_tArray type information (see tinfo_t::get_array_details())
 Casm_tDescribes the target assembler
 Cauto_display_tSee get_auto_display
 Cbgcolors_tStructure to keep some background colors configurable in ida.cfg
 Cbitfield_type_data_tBitfield type information (see tinfo_t::get_bitfield_details())
 Cbitrange_tThis class manages the offset and size of a value that occupies a number of contiguous bits within some container - generally a byte array
 Cbpt_location_tDescribes a breakpoint location
 Cbpt_tCharacteristics of a breakpoint
 Cbpt_visitor_tVisit all breakpoints
 Cbptaddr_tDescribes a breakpoint event
 Cbytes_tStructure used to describe byte streams (for "ret" instruction and empirics)
 Ccall_stack_info_tCall stack trace information
 Ccallregs_tRegister allocation calling convention
 Ccallui_tCallui return codes
 Ccast_tPreprocessor cast
 Cchooser_t::cbret_tReturn value of ins(), del(), edit(), enter(), refresh() callbacks
 Cchannel_redir_tTools for command line parsing
 Cchooser_base_tChooser object
 Cchooser_item_attrs_tChooser item attributes
 Ccli_tCommand line interpreter
 Ccompiler_info_tInformation about the target compiler
 Cconst_aloc_visitor_tSame as aloc_visitor_t, but may not modify the argloc
 Ccustloc_desc_tDescription of a custom argloc
 Ccustom_data_type_ids_tInformation about custom data types
 Ccustom_refinfo_handler_tManage a custom refinfo type
 Cdata_format_tInformation about a data format
 Cdata_type_tInformation about a data type
 Cdbg_info_tInformation for the user interface about available debuggers
 Cdebapp_attrs_tRuntime attributes of the debugger/process
 Cdebug_event_tThis structure is used only when detailed information about a debug event is needed
 Cdebugger_tThis structure describes a debugger API module
 Cea_name_tEa, name pair
 Cedge_info_tAttributes of a graph edge
 Cedge_layout_point_tEdge layout point
 Cedge_segment_tSub-segment of a graph edge
 Cedge_tEdge connecting two graph nodes
 Cenum_const_tSee opinfo_t::ec
 Cenum_member_tDescribes an enum value
 Cenum_member_visitor_tEnum member visitor - see for_all_enum_members()
 Ceval_ctx_tExecution context
 Cexception_info_tException information
 Cexcinfo_tDescribes an exception
 Cexec_request_tExecute code in the main thread - to be used with execute_sync()
 Cext_idcfunc_tElement of functions table. See idcfuncs_t::funcs
 Cextlang_tExternal language (to support third party language interpreters)
 Cextlang_visitor_tProcess all registered extlangs
 Cfixup_handler_tImplements the core behavior of a custom fixup
 Cfixup_info_tCollect fixup records for the specified range
 Cform_actions_tFunctions available from formchgcb_t
 Cformat_data_info_tSee format_cdata()
 Cfunc_item_iterator_tClass to enumerate all function instructions and data sorted by addresses
 Cfunc_parent_iterator_tClass to enumerate all function parents sorted by addresses
 Cfunc_tail_iterator_tClass to enumerate all function tails sorted by addresses
 Cfuncarg_tInformation about a single function argument
 Cgdl_graph_tGdl graph interface - includes only functions required to draw it
 Cgeneric_linput_tGeneric linput class - may be used to create a linput_t instance for any data source
 Cgetname_info_tAdditional information for get_ea_name() function
 Cgraph_item_tDescribes a sub-item of a graph
 Cgraph_node_visitor_tNode visitor - see abstract_graph_t::visit_nodes()
 Cgraph_path_visitor_tPath visitor - see abstract_graph_t::visit_paths()
 Cgraph_visitor_tVisit all nodes and edges in a graph
 CidainfoThe database parameters
 Cidc_global_tGlobal idc variable
 Cidc_resolver_tCompile text with IDC function(s)
 Cidc_value_tClass to hold idc values
 Cidcfuncs_tDescribes an array of IDC functions
 Cidd_opinfo_tInstruction operand information
 Cidp_desc_tProcessor module description
 Cidp_name_tProcessor name
 Cimpinfo_tSee importer_t
 Cinstant_dbgopts_tOptions for instant debugging
 Cinstruc_tInternal representation of processor instructions
 Cinterval_tOne dimensional range
 Cioport_bit_tDescribes an I/O port bit
 Cioport_tDescribes an I/O port
 Cjanitor_t< T >Resource janitor to facilitate use of the RAII idiom
 Claunch_process_params_tInformation for launching a process with IDA API
 Clinearray_tThe group of lines corresponding to a single place within a view
 Clinput_buffer_tHelper class - adapts linput to be used in extract_..
 Cllabel_tLocal label
 Cload_info_tList of loaders
 Cloader_tLoader description block - must be exported from the loader module
 Clock_funcHelper class to lock a function pointer so it stays valid
 Clock_segmentHelper class to lock a segment pointer so it stays valid
 Clowcnd_tInput argument for update_lowcnds()
 Clowertype_helper_tInterface class - see ida_lowertype_helper_t
 Cmember_tDescribes a member of an assembly level structure
 Cmemreg_info_tRequired typedef for get_insn_tev_reg_mem()
 Cmodinfo_tDescribes a module load event
 CnetnodeDefinition of the IDA database node
 Cnode_info_tInformation about a node in a graph
 Cnode_iteratorNode iterator (used to draw graphs)
 Cnode_ordering_tNode ordering in a graph
 Cop_tOperand of an instruction
 Copinfo_tAdditional information about an operand type
 Cplace_tDenotes a displayed line
 Cplugin_info_tStructure to store Plugin information
 Cplugin_tA plugin is a module in the plugins subdirectory that can perform an action asked by the user
 Cpoint_tCoordinate in a graph view
 Cpost_event_visitor_tImplements action to take when the event was processed by the notification callback (i.e
 Cpredicate_tHelper class for choose_named_type()
 Cprocess_info_tProcess information
 Cprocessor_tDescribes a processor module (IDP)
 Cptr_type_data_tPointer type information (see tinfo_t::get_ptr_details())
 Cqffblk64_tCommon structure with 64-bit ff_fsize - see qffblk_t
 Cqffblk_tFile statistics returned by qfind()-like functions
 Cqlist< T >Linked list Note: linked list is not movable!
 Cqlist< ui_request_t * >
 Cqmutex_locker_tMutex locker object. Will lock a given mutex upon creation and unlock it when the object is destroyed
 Cqrefcnt_obj_tBase class for reference count objects
 Cqrefcnt_t< T >Smart pointer to objects derived from qrefcnt_obj_t
 CqstatbufDescribes miscellaneous file attributes
 Cqvector< T >Reimplementation of vector class from STL
 Cqvector< argpart_t >
 Cqvector< char >
 Cqvector< ea_t >
 Cqvector< enum_member_t >
 Cqvector< idp_name_t >
 Cqvector< int >
 Cqvector< intvec_t >
 Cqvector< ioport_bit_t >
 Cqvector< point_t >
 Cqvector< qbasic_block_t >
 Cqvector< qchar >
 Cqvector< qstring >
 Cqvector< rect_t >
 Cqvector< reg_info_t >
 Cqvector< regobj_t >
 Cqvector< selection_item_t >
 Cqvector< size_t >
 Cqvector< snapshot_t * >
 Cqvector< tev_reg_value_t >
 Cqvector< uchar >
 Cqvector< valstr_t >
 Crect_tA rectangle in a graph view
 Crefinfo_desc_tGet descriptions of all standard and custom refinfo types
 Crefinfo_tInformation about a reference
 Creg_info_tGet register number and size from register name
 Cregarg_tRegister argument description
 Cregister_info_tDebuggee register information
 Cregobj_tObject that represents a register
 Cregval_tStructure to hold a register value
 Crenderer_pos_info_tInformation about a position relative to the renderer
 Crow_info_tOrganize graph nodes by row
 Crrel_tRegister-relative argument location
 Cselection_item_tElement of a graph selection - could be a node or edge layout point
 Csimd_info_tSIMD type info
 Csimpleline_tMaintain basic information for a line in a custom view
 Csnapshot_tSnapshot attributes
 Csrcinfo_provider_tDescribes the mechanism used to retrieve source file information
 Cstrarray_tMap strings to integer values - see strarray()
 Cstring_info_tInformation about one string from the string list
 Cstrpath_tInformation for structure offsets
 Cstruc_tInformation about a structure type (assembly level)
 Cstruct_field_visitor_tImplements action to take when a field is visited with visit_stroff_fields()
 Cstrwinsetup_tStructure to keep string list parameters
 Cswitch_info_tInformation about a switch statement
 Csyntax_highlighter_tBase class for syntax highligters
 Ctev_info_reg_tStructure used for dbg_add_many_tevs()
 Ctev_info_tCommon information for all trace events
 Ctev_reg_value_tStructure used for dbg_add_many_tevs()
 Ctext_sink_tFlush formatted text
 Ctextctrl_info_tMulti line text control, used to embed a text control in a form
 Cthread_name_tOutput argument for ev_suspended New thread names
 Ctil_symbol_tA symbol in a type library
 Ctil_tType Information Library
 Ctinfo_tPrimary mechanism for managing type information
 Ctinfo_visitor_tVisit all subtypes of a type. Derive your visitor from this class and use apply_to()
 Ctoken_tParser token
 CTPointDoubleCoordinate in a graph view (double precision)
 Ctwinline_tA line in a text window
 Ctwinpos_tA position in a text window
 Ctype_attr_tExtended type attributes
 Ctype_mods_tInformation about how to modify the current type, used by tinfo_visitor_t
 Ctypedef_type_data_tType information for typedefs
 Cudt_member_tAn object to represent struct or union members
 Cui_request_tBase class for defining UI requests
 Cupdate_bpt_info_tInput argument for update_bpts()
 Cvalinfo_tAdditional information about the output lines
 Cvalstr_tText representation of a data value (value string)
 Cvalue_uThis structure is used to pass values of bytes to helper functions
 Cview_mouse_event_location_tAbstraction of location in flat view/graph views (out of 'view_mouse_event_t' to make it easy for SWiG to wrap)
 Cview_mouse_event_tInformation about a mouse action within a view
 Cxrefblk_tStructure to enumerate all xrefs
 Cxreflist_entry_tAn xref to an argument or variable located in a function's stack frame
 Cxrefpos_tPosition of cursor in the window with cross-references to the address