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idbattr_info_t Struct Reference

access to attribute by structure/offset/width or netnode/index/width More...

#include <ida.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool is_node_altval () const
bool is_node_supval () const
bool is_node_valobj () const
bool is_node_blob () const
bool is_node_var () const
bool is_struc_field () const
bool is_cstr () const
bool is_qstring () const
bool is_bytearray () const
bool is_buf_var () const
bool is_decimal () const
bool is_hexadecimal () const
bool is_readonly_var () const
bool is_incremented () const
bool is_val_mapped () const
bool is_hash () const
bool use_hlpstruc () const
bool is_bitmap () const
bool is_onoff () const
bool is_scalar_var () const
bool is_bitfield () const
bool is_boolean () const
bool has_individual_node () const
const char * str_true () const
const char * str_false () const
size_t ridx () const
const char * hashname () const
bool operator< (const idbattr_info_t &r) const

Public Attributes

const char * name
 human-readable name
uintptr_t offset
 field position: offset within a structure (IDI_STRUCFLD) altval or supval index (IDI_NODEVAL) hashval name (IDI_ALTVAL/IDI_SUPVAL+IDI_HASH)
size_t width
 field width in bytes
uint64 bitmask
 mask for bitfields (0-not bitfield)
uchar tag
 tag of node value (if IDI_NODEVAL is set)
const idbattr_valmap_tvmap
 array value=>name (terminated by empty element)
const char * individual_node
 individual node name (nullptr - use default)
uint idi_flags
uint32 maxsize
 max bytes reserved for storage in netnode

Detailed Description

access to attribute by structure/offset/width or netnode/index/width

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