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format_data_info_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

See format_cdata()

Public Attributes

int ptvf
int radix
 number representation (8,10,16)
int max_length
 max length of the formatted text (0 means no limit) should be used to format huge arrays for the screen, we can not display the whole array anyway if this limit is hit, the function returns false and qerrno is set to eMaxLengthExceeded
int arrbase
 for arrays: the first element of array to print
int arrnelems
 for arrays: number of elements to print
int margin
 length of one line (0 means to print everything on one line) if an item can not be printed in a shorter way, some output lines can be considerably longer 1 means each item on its own line
int indent
 how many spaces to use to indent nested structures/arrays

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