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exec_request_t Struct Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Execute code in the main thread - to be used with execute_sync().

Public Attributes

int code
 temporary location, used internally
qsemaphore_t sem
 semaphore to communicate with the main thread. More...

Public Member Functions

bool valid (void) const
 Can this request be executed?
virtual int idaapi execute (void)=0
 Callback to be executed. More...
 exec_request_t (void)
virtual ~exec_request_t (void)

Public Types

enum  { MFF_MAGIC = 0x12345678 }
 Internal magic.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int idaapi exec_request_t::execute ( void  )
pure virtual

Callback to be executed.

If this function raises an exception, execute_sync() never returns.

Member Data Documentation

qsemaphore_t exec_request_t::sem

semaphore to communicate with the main thread.

If NULL, will be initialized by execute_sync().

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