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memory_info_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Used by debugger modules to report memory are information to IDA kernel.

It is ok to return empty fields if information is not available.

Inherits range_t.

Public Attributes

qstring name
 Memory range name.
qstring sclass
 Memory range class name.
ea_t sbase
 Segment base (meaningful only for segmented architectures, e.g. More...
uchar bitness
 Number of bits in segment addresses (0-16bit, 1-32bit, 2-64bit)
uchar perm
 Memory range permissions (0-no information): see segment.hpp.

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const memory_info_t &r) const
bool operator!= (const memory_info_t &r) const

Member Data Documentation

ea_t memory_info_t::sbase

Segment base (meaningful only for segmented architectures, e.g.

16-bit x86) The base is specified in paragraphs (i.e. shifted to the right by 4)

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