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action_desc_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Describe an action to be registered (see register_action())

Public Attributes

int cb
 size of this structure
const char * name
 the internal name of the action; must be unique. More...
const char * label
 the label of the action, possibly with an accelerator key definition (e.g., "~J~ump to operand")
 the action handler, for activating/updating. More...
const plugin_towner
 plugin responsible for registering action, can be NULL
const char * shortcut
 an optional shortcut definition. E.g., "Ctrl+Enter"
const char * tooltip
 an optional tooltip for the action
int icon
 an optional icon ID to use
int flags
 See Action flags.

Member Data Documentation

const char* action_desc_t::name

the internal name of the action; must be unique.

a way to reduce possible conflicts is to prefix it with some specific prefix. E.g., "myplugin:doSthg".

action_handler_t* action_desc_t::handler

the action handler, for activating/updating.

please read the comments at register_action().

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