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post_event_visitor_t Struct Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Implements action to take when the event was processed by the notification callback (i.e.

when the notification callback returns non-zero code). All the registered (register_post_event_visitor()) post-event visitors will be called in turn after the event was processed by one of the notification callbacks.

Public Member Functions

virtual ssize_t idaapi handle_post_event (ssize_t code, int notification_code, va_list va)=0
 Action for post-event management. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual ssize_t idaapi post_event_visitor_t::handle_post_event ( ssize_t  code,
int  notification_code,
va_list  va 
pure virtual

Action for post-event management.

May change the result of the processed event or data carried by the event.

codethe notification callback or other post-event action return code (result of the processed event)
notification_codeevent code
vaadditional arguments, the same as for processed event
result of the event processed

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