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qstatbuf Struct Reference

Describes miscellaneous file attributes. More...

#include <pro.h>

Public Attributes

uint64 qst_dev
 ID of device containing file.
uint32 qst_ino
 inode number
uint32 qst_mode
uint32 qst_nlink
 number of hard links
uint32 qst_uid
 user ID of owner
uint32 qst_gid
 group ID of owner
uint64 qst_rdev
 device ID (if special file)
qoff64_t qst_size
 total size, in bytes
int32 qst_blksize
 blocksize for file system I/O
int32 qst_blocks
 number of 512B blocks allocated
qtime64_t qst_atime
 time of last access
qtime64_t qst_mtime
 time of last modification
qtime64_t qst_ctime
 time of last status change

Detailed Description

Describes miscellaneous file attributes.

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