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simpleline_place_t Class Reference

Detailed Description

A location in a view populated by a strvec_t.

Inherits place_t.

Public Attributes

uint32 n
 line number
- Public Attributes inherited from place_t
int lnnum
 Number of line within the current object.

Public Member Functions

 simpleline_place_t (void)
 simpleline_place_t (int _n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from place_t
 place_t (void)
 place_t (int ln)
virtual void idaapi print (qstring *out_buf, void *ud) const =0
 Generate a short description of the location. More...
virtual uval_t idaapi touval (void *ud) const =0
 Map the location to a number. More...
virtual place_t *idaapi clone (void) const =0
 Clone the location. More...
virtual void idaapi copyfrom (const place_t *from)=0
 Copy the specified location object to the current object.
virtual place_t *idaapi makeplace (void *ud, uval_t x, int lnnum) const =0
 Map a number to a location. More...
virtual int idaapi compare (const place_t *t2) const =0
 Compare two locations except line numbers (lnnum). More...
virtual void idaapi adjust (void *ud)=0
 Adjust the current location to point to a displayable object. More...
virtual bool idaapi prev (void *ud)=0
 Move to the previous displayable location. More...
virtual bool idaapi next (void *ud)=0
 Move to the next displayable location. More...
virtual bool idaapi beginning (void *ud) const =0
 Are we at the first displayable object?. More...
virtual bool idaapi ending (void *ud) const =0
 Are we at the last displayable object?. More...
virtual int idaapi generate (qstrvec_t *out, int *out_deflnnum, color_t *out_pfx_color, bgcolor_t *out_bgcolor, void *ud, int maxsize) const =0
 Generate text lines for the current location. More...
virtual void idaapi serialize (bytevec_t *out) const =0
 Serialize this instance. More...
virtual bool idaapi deserialize (const uchar **pptr, const uchar *end)=0
 De-serialize into this instance. More...
virtual int idaapi id () const =0
 Get the place's ID (i.e., the value returned by register_place_class()) More...
virtual const char *idaapi name () const =0
 Get this place type name. More...
virtual ea_t idaapi toea () const
 Map the location to an ea_t. More...
virtual bool idaapi rebase (const segm_move_infos_t &)
 Rebase the place instance. More...
virtual place_t *idaapi enter (uint32 *) const
 Visit this place, possibly 'unhiding' a section of text. More...
virtual void idaapi leave (uint32) const
 Leave this place, possibly 'hiding' a section of text that was previously expanded (at enter()-time.)

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