Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cceinsn_tStatement with an expression
 Ccif_tIf statement
 Ccloop_tBase class for loop statements
 Ccreturn_tReturn statement
 Ccswitch_tSwitch statement
 Ccfunc_tDecompiled function. Decompilation result is kept here
 Ccgoto_tGoto statement
 Ccitem_locator_tGeneric ctree element locator
 Ccitem_tBasic ctree element
 Ccexpr_tCtree element: expression
 Ccarg_tFunction argument
 Ccinsn_tCtree element: statement
 Cccase_tSwitch case. Usually cinsn_t is a block
 Ccnumber_tAn immediate number
 Cctext_position_tCursor position in the output text (pseudocode)
 Chistory_item_tNavigation history item
 Cctree_anchor_tInvisible COLOR_ADDR tags in the output text are used to refer to ctree items and variables
 Cctree_item_tCursor item
 Cctree_visitor_tA generic helper class that is used for ctree traversal
 Cctree_parentee_tA helper ctree traversal class that maintains parent information
 Ccfunc_parentee_tClass to traverse the whole function
 Ccasm_tAsm statement
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 Cvd_failure_tException object: decompiler exception
 Cvd_interr_tException object: decompiler internal error
 Cfnumber_tFloating point constant
 Chexrays_failure_tException object: decompiler failure information
 Clvar_locator_tLocal variable locator. Local variables are located using: definition ea, location
 Clvar_tDefinition of a local variable (register or stack) #var #lvar
 Clvar_saved_info_tSaved user settings for local variables: name, type, comment
 Clvar_uservec_tAll user-defined information about local variables
 Cmbl_array_tMicro block array (internal representation of the decompiled code)
 Cmicrocode_filter_tGeneric microcode generator class
 Cudc_filter_tAbstract class: User-defined call generator derived classes should implement method 'match'
 Cnumber_format_tNumber represenation
 Coperand_locator_tOperand locator
 Coperator_info_tInformation about C operator
 Ccblock_tCompound statement (curly braces)
 Ccitem_cmt_tCtree item comment
 Ccarglist_tFunction argument list
 Cccases_tVector of switch cases
 Clvars_tSet of local variables
 Cstrvec_tVector of colored strings
 Ctreeloc_tCtree location. Used to denote comment locations
 CTWidgetIDA custom view
 Cudcall_tUser-defined function calls
 Cuser_cmts_iterator_tIterator class for user_cmts_t
 Cuser_cmts_tUser defined comments
 Cuser_labels_iterator_tIterator class for user_labels_t
 Cuser_labels_tUser defined label names
 Cuser_lvar_modifier_tHelper class to modify saved local variable settings
 Cuser_numforms_iterator_tIterator class for user_numforms_t
 Cuser_numforms_tUser defined number formats
 Cvar_ref_tReference to a local variable
 Cvd_printer_tBase helper class to convert binary data structures into text
 Cfile_printer_tHelper class to convert binary data structures into text and put into a file
 Cvc_printer_tHelper class to convert cfunc_t into text
 Cqstring_printer_tHelper class to convert cfunc_t into a text string
 Cvdui_tInformation about pseudocode window