cfor_t Struct Reference

For-loop. More...

Inheritance diagram for cfor_t:
cloop_t ceinsn_t

Public Member Functions

- Public Member Functions inherited from cloop_t
 cloop_t (cinsn_t *b)
 cloop_t (const cloop_t &r)
cloop_toperator= (const cloop_t &r)
cloop_tassign (const cloop_t &r)
void cleanup (void)

Public Attributes

cexpr_t init
 Initialization expression.
cexpr_t step
 Step expression.
- Public Attributes inherited from cloop_t
- Public Attributes inherited from ceinsn_t
cexpr_t expr
 Expression of the statement.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 3960 of file hexrays.hpp.