minsn_t Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool is_optional (void) const
bool is_combined (void) const
bool is_farcall (void) const
bool is_cleaning_pop (void) const
bool is_extstx (void) const
bool is_tailcall (void) const
bool is_fpinsn (void) const
bool is_assert (void) const
bool is_persistent (void) const
bool is_wild_match (void) const
bool is_propagatable (void) const
bool is_ignlowsrc (void) const
bool is_inverted_jx (void) const
bool was_noret_icall (void) const
bool is_multimov (void) const
bool is_combinable (void) const
bool was_split (void) const
void set_optional (void)
void set_combined (void)
void clr_combined (void)
void set_farcall (void)
void set_cleaning_pop (void)
void set_extstx (void)
void set_tailcall (void)
void clr_tailcall (void)
void set_fpinsn (void)
void clr_fpinsn (void)
void set_assert (void)
void clr_assert (void)
void set_persistent (void)
void set_wild_match (void)
void clr_propagatable (void)
void set_ignlowsrc (void)
void clr_ignlowsrc (void)
void set_inverted_jx (void)
void set_noret_icall (void)
void clr_noret_icall (void)
void set_multimov (void)
void clr_multimov (void)
void set_combinable (void)
void clr_combinable (void)
void set_split_size (int s)
int get_split_size (void) const
 minsn_t (ea_t _ea)
 minsn_t (const minsn_t &m)
void swap (minsn_t &m)
void swap_nolist (minsn_t &m)
minsn_toperator= (const minsn_t &m)
void init (ea_t _ea)
void copy (const minsn_t &m)
void setaddr (ea_t nea)
int optimize_flat (int optflags=0)
int optimize_subtree (mblock_t *blk, minsn_t *top, minsn_t *parent, minsn_t **converted_call, int optflags=OPTI_MINSTKREF)
int for_src_ops (srcop_visitor_t &sv)
int for_all_ops (mop_visitor_t &mv)
int for_all_insns (minsn_visitor_t &mv)
void _make_nop (void)
bool is_between (const minsn_t *m1, const minsn_t *m2) const
bool is_after (const minsn_t *m) const
bool equal_insns (const minsn_t &m, int eqflags) const
bool contains_opcode (mcode_t mcode) const
const minsn_tfind_opcode (mcode_t mcode) const
minsn_tfind_opcode (mcode_t mcode)
const minsn_tfind_ins_op (const mop_t **other, mcode_t op=m_nop) const
const mop_tfind_num_op (const mop_t **other) const
mop_tfind_num_op (mop_t **other)
minsn_tfind_ins_op (mop_t **other, mcode_t op=m_nop)
bool change_insn_size (int new_size, int ops, side_effect_t sideff=WITH_SIDEFF)
bool double_insn_size (int ops)
bool is_mov (void) const
void print (qstring *vout, int shins_flags=SHINS_SHORT|SHINS_VALNUM) const
const char * dstr (void) const
minsn_tfind_call (bool with_helpers=false) const
bool has_side_effects (bool include_ldx=false) const
bool is_helper (const char *name) const
bool is_noret_call (bool ignore_noret_icall=false)

Public Attributes

mcode_t opcode
int iprops
ea_t ea
mop_t l
mop_t r
mop_t d

Detailed Description

hexrays_sample10.cpp, hexrays_sample11.cpp, and hexrays_sample12.cpp.

Definition at line 2126 of file hexrays.hpp.