history_item_t Struct Reference

Navigation history item. More...

Inheritance diagram for history_item_t:

Public Member Functions

 history_item_t (ea_t _ea=BADADDR, int _lnnum=-1, int _x=0, int _y=0)
 history_item_t (ea_t _ea, const ctext_position_t &p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ctext_position_t
bool in_ctree (int hdrlines) const
 Is the cursor in the variable/type declaration area? More...
 DECLARE_COMPARISONS (ctext_position_t)
 Comparison operators.
 ctext_position_t (int _lnnum=-1, int _x=0, int _y=0)

Public Attributes

ea_t ea
 The entry address of the decompiled function.
ea_t end
 BADADDR-decompile function; otherwise end of the range.
- Public Attributes inherited from ctext_position_t
int lnnum
 Line number.
int x
 x coordinate of the cursor within the window
int y
 y coordinate of the cursor within the window

Detailed Description

Navigation history item.

Holds information about interactive decompilation history. Currently this is not saved in the database.

Definition at line 7163 of file hexrays.hpp.