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history_item_t Struct Reference

Navigation history item. More...

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Public Attributes

ea_t ea
 The entry address of the decompiled function.
- Public Attributes inherited from ctext_position_t
int lnnum
 Line number.
int x
 x coordinate of the cursor within the window
int y
 y coordinate of the cursor within the window

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ctext_position_t
bool in_ctree (int hdrlines) const
 Is the cursor in the variable/type declaration area? More...
 DECLARE_COMPARISONS (ctext_position_t)
 Comparison operators.

Detailed Description

Navigation history item.

Holds information about interactive decompilation history. Currently this is not saved in the database.

Definition at line 2871 of file hexrays.hpp.