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An integer constant. More...

Inheritance diagram for mnumber_t:

Public Member Functions

 mnumber_t (uint64 v, ea_t _ea=BADADDR, int n=0)
void update_value (uint64 val64)
- Public Member Functions inherited from operand_locator_t
 operand_locator_t (ea_t _ea, int _opnum)
 DECLARE_COMPARISONS (operand_locator_t)

Public Attributes

uint64 value
uint64 org_value
- Public Attributes inherited from operand_locator_t
ea_t ea
 address of the original processor instruction
int opnum
 operand number in the instruction

Detailed Description

An integer constant.

Used for mop_n We support 64-bit values but 128-bit values can be represented with mop_p

Definition at line 2253 of file hexrays.hpp.