mcallinfo_t Class Reference

Information about a call argument. More...

Public Member Functions

 mcallinfo_t (ea_t _callee=BADADDR, int _sargs=0)
int lexcompare (const mcallinfo_t &f) const
bool set_type (const tinfo_t &type)
tinfo_t get_type (void) const
bool is_vararg (void) const
void print (qstring *vout, int size=-1, int shins_flags=SHINS_SHORT|SHINS_VALNUM) const
const char * dstr (void) const

Public Attributes

ea_t callee
 address of the called function, if known
int solid_args
 number of solid args. More...
int call_spd
 sp value at call insn
int stkargs_top
 first offset past stack arguments
cm_t cc
 calling convention
mcallargs_t args
 call arguments
mopvec_t retregs
 return register(s) (e.g., AX, AX:DX, etc.) this vector is built from return_regs
tinfo_t return_type
 type of the returned value
argloc_t return_argloc
 location of the returned value
mlist_t return_regs
 list of values returned by the function
mlist_t spoiled
 list of spoiled locations (includes return_regs)
mlist_t pass_regs
 passthrough registers: registers that depend on input values (subset of spoiled)
ivlset_t visible_memory
 what memory is visible to the call?
mlist_t dead_regs
 registers defined by the function but never used. More...
int flags
 combination of Call properties... More...
funcrole_t role
 function role

Detailed Description

Information about a call argument.


Definition at line 2884 of file hexrays.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dead_regs

mlist_t mcallinfo_t::dead_regs

registers defined by the function but never used.

upon propagation we do the following:

  • dead_regs += return_regs
  • retregs.clear() since the call is propagated

Definition at line 2904 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ flags

int mcallinfo_t::flags

combination of Call properties...


Definition at line 2908 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ solid_args

int mcallinfo_t::solid_args

number of solid args.

there may be variadic args in addtion

Definition at line 2888 of file hexrays.hpp.