SDK Reference

number_format_t Struct Reference

Number representation. More...

Public Member Functions

 number_format_t (int _opnum=0)
int get_radix (void) const
 Get number radix. More...
bool is_fixed (void) const
 Is number representation fixed? Fixed representation cannot be modified by the decompiler.
bool is_hex (void) const
 Is a hexadecimal number?
bool is_dec (void) const
 Is a decimal number?
bool is_oct (void) const
 Is a octal number?
bool is_enum (void) const
 Is a symbolic constant?
bool is_char (void) const
 Is a character constant?
bool is_stroff (void) const
 Is a structure field offset?
bool is_numop (void) const
 Is a number?
bool needs_to_be_inverted (void) const
 Does the number need to be negated or bitwise negated? Returns true if the user requested a negation but it is not done yet.

Public Attributes

flags_t flags
 ida flags, which describe number radix, enum, etc
char opnum
 operand number: 0..UA_MAXOP
char props
 properties: combination of NF_ bits (Number format property bits)
uchar serial
 for enums: constant serial number
char org_nbytes
 original number size in bytes
qstring type_name
 for stroffs: structure for offsetof()
for enums: enum name

Detailed Description

Number representation.

This structure holds information about a number format.

hexrays_sample2.cpp, and hexrays_sample4.cpp.

Definition at line 786 of file hexrays.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_radix()

int number_format_t::get_radix ( void  ) const

Get number radix.

2,8,10, or 16

Definition at line 811 of file hexrays.hpp.

References flags, and opnum.

Referenced by is_dec(), is_hex(), and is_oct().