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Packed Files
Bad Relocation Table
Additional information at the end of file
Overlayed files
Error loading overlays
Maximal number of segments is reached
Cannot generate executable file
Bad input file format
Choose mark number
Enter mark description
Choose marked location
IDA View bookmarks
Structs bookmarks
Enums bookmarks
Cannot Rename a Byte
Cannot find file segmentation
Negative Offsets
Cannot move segment start address
Cannot move segment start address
Cannot Create Database
DataBase is not closed
Obsolete Database Format
The Name List is Empty
Upgrading IDA database
Unexpected Database Format
Imported module is not found
Load file dialog
PE .idata section has additional data
Repeat search for instruction/data with the specified operand
Repeat search for substring in the disassembly
Repeat search for substring in the file
Moving Segment
Deleting a Segment
Auto analysis is not completed
Silent mode of IDA
Rename a structure/member
Delete a structure member
Unpacked database is dangerous
Database Is Empty
Illegal Usage of the Switch
Cannot Find Input File
Patched Bytes Are Skipped
Patched bytes have relocation information
No Segment for the current byte
Empty Program
Load additional binary file
Patching Relocation Bytes
Can't create segment registers range
Cannot assign to Segment Register
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