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Below is the description of dialog box fields:
 Load segment    - The paragraph where the file will be loaded.
 Load offset     - Specifies offset of the first byte from the start of
                   the first segment. For example, if load offset=0x2700
                   and load segment=0x1000, the first byte of the file will
                   be at 1000:2700, or in linear addressing, 0x12700.
 File offset     - Offset in the input file to load bytes from.
 Number of bytes - Number of bytes to load from the file.
                   0 means load as many as possible.
 Create segments        - If not checked, IDA does not create segments.
 Code segment           - If checked, IDA creates a code segment.
                          relevant for processors which have different
                          code/data segment addressing schemes (for
                          example, Atmel AVR).
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