Imported module is not found

  IDA did not find the specified module in:
    - the current directory
    - the operating system directory (see switch -W
      and configuration file parameters WINDIR,OS2DIR)
        - the module cannot be accepted because:
        - the module name (recorded in the file) doesn't match
          the expected name
        - the module does not contains any exported names (all exported functions
          are exported by ordinal numbers)
Entries imported by ordinal entries will not be commented. If IDA finds a module, all entries that are imported by ordinal will be commented like this:
                retf            ; INITTASK
This comment will be propagated (repeated) to all locations which call this entry:
                call    far ptr KERNEL_91 ; INITTASK

IDA searches all files named "modulename.*" for the module. If you know that the imported module resides in another directory, copy it to your current directory. If the module file name is different from "modulename.*", rename it. After the database is loaded, you can delete the copied module.

IDA also looks for file "modulename.ids" in the current directory in the IDS subdirectory of the directory where IDA.EXE resides in the PATHed directories

You can create such a file yourself. For an example, look at DOSCALLS.IDS in the IDS subdirectory.

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