Cannot rename a location

It might be because of one of the following reasons:

1. The name is ill-formed:

        - it is a reserved word
          NOTE: IDA does not allow the use of register names as byte names.
        - it contains bad characters.
          The list of allowed characters is specified in IDA.CFG
        - it starts with a reserved prefix. Some prefixes are used
          by IDA to generate names. See Names Representation
          dialog for the list of prefixes.
2. The name is already used in the program. Try to use another name. In order to know where the name is used, you can try to jump to it using Jump to the Named Location

3. The address cannot have a name:

     - IDA refuses to rename tail bytes (i.e. the second, third...
       bytes of instruction/data).
     - the address does not belong to the program
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