Rename a structure/member

IDA maintains separate namespaces for each structure. For example, you can define something like this:
 xxx    struc
 xxx    db ?
 xxx    struc
Beware, usually assemblers have one common namespace and do not allow the mentioned above example.

An empty name can not be specified.

This command is available when you open a structure window.

If the cursor is on the structure name at the beginning of the structure definition, IDA proposes to rename the structure. Otherwise, IDA proposes to rename a structure field.

If a structure is being renamed, the option "Don't include in the list" means that the structure will not be included in the list of the structures which appears when the user applies the structure definition (for example, when the user creates a variable of this structure type). We recommend to mark this checkbox when you have defined all variables of this structure type and want to reduce the number of choices in the list.

See also Edit|Structs submenu. How to Enter an Identifier

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