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An object to represent struct or union members. More...

#include <typeinf.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool is_bitfield (void) const
bool is_zero_bitfield (void) const
bool is_unaligned (void) const
bool is_baseclass (void) const
bool is_virtbase (void) const
bool is_vftable (void) const
bool is_method (void) const
void set_unaligned (void)
void set_baseclass (void)
void set_virtbase (void)
void set_vftable (void)
void set_method (void)
void clr_unaligned (void)
void clr_baseclass (void)
void clr_virtbase (void)
void clr_vftable (void)
void clr_method (void)
uint64 begin (void) const
uint64 end (void) const
bool operator< (const udt_member_t &r) const
bool operator== (const udt_member_t &r) const
bool operator!= (const udt_member_t &r) const
void swap (udt_member_t &r)
bool is_anonymous_udm () const

Public Attributes

uint64 offset
 member offset in bits
uint64 size
 size in bits
qstring name
 member name
qstring cmt
 member comment
tinfo_t type
 member type
int effalign
 effective field alignment (in bytes)
uint32 tafld_bits
 TAH bits.
uchar fda
 field alignment (shift amount)

Detailed Description

An object to represent struct or union members.

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