Call properties


#define FCI_PROP   0x001
 call has been propagated
#define FCI_DEAD   0x002
 some return registers were determined dead
#define FCI_FINAL   0x004
 call type is final, should not be changed
#define FCI_NORET   0x008
 call does not return
#define FCI_PURE   0x010
 pure function
#define FCI_NOSIDE   0x020
 call does not have side effects
#define FCI_SPLOK   0x040
 spoiled/visible_memory lists have been More...
#define FCI_HASCALL   0x080
 A function is an synthetic helper combined. More...
#define FCI_HASFMT   0x100
 A variadic function with recognized. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FCI_HASCALL   0x080

A function is an synthetic helper combined.

from several instructions and at least one of them was a call to a real functions

Definition at line 3007 of file hexrays.hpp.


#define FCI_HASFMT   0x100

A variadic function with recognized.

printf- or scanf-style format string

Definition at line 3010 of file hexrays.hpp.


#define FCI_SPLOK   0x040

spoiled/visible_memory lists have been

optimized. for some functions we can reduce them as soon as information about the arguments becomes available. in order not to try optimize them again we use this bit.

Definition at line 3002 of file hexrays.hpp.