Apply the specified type to the address
     ea    - the address of the object
     type  - typeinfo object or a C declaration string with ';'
             if specified as zero or an empty string, then the type
             assciated with 'ea' will be deleted
     flags - combination of TINFO_... constants or 0
returns: 1-ok, 0-failed.
Note: this function accepts member ids and change struct member types too

success apply_type(long ea, typeinfo type, long flags);

#define TINFO_GUESSED 0x0000 // this is a guessed type #define TINFO_DEFINITE 0x0001 // this is a definite type #define TINFO_DELAYFUNC 0x0002 // if type is a function and no function exists at ea, // schedule its creation and argument renaming to auto-analysis // otherwise try to create it immediately

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