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You can use the "Condition" field of the breakpoint properties to enter an expression which is evaluated when the breakpoint is hit. It can be either an actual condition or just any valid code in IDC or another supported scripting language syntax. By using the "..." button, you can open a multi-line editor for the condtition and switch the scripting language used for evaluating it.


  If you enter an expression, the result will be used to determine whether
  the selected actions are exectuted. Some examples of IDC expressions:
  Check if EAX is equal to 5:
  Check if the first argument to the function is 1:
  Interpret the second argument to the function as a pointer to Unicode string, print it,
  and return 0 (so that the execution continues immediately):
    msg("Filename: %s\n", get_strlit_contents(get_wide_dword(ESP+4), -1, STRTYPE_UNICODE)), 0
  Set EAX to 0 and continue:
  You can enter several statements in the multi-line editor. If the last one is a 'return' statement,
  it is used as the result of the condition. Otherwise the condition is assumed to return 0.
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