Generate a flow chart GDL file
     outfile - output file name. GDL extension will be used
     title   - graph title
     ea1     - beginning of the range to flow chart
     ea2     - end of the range to flow chart. if ea2 == BADADDR
               then ea1 is treated as an address within a function.
               That function will be flow charted.
     flags   - combination of CHART_... constants

success gen_flow_graph(string outfile, string title, long ea1, long ea2, long flags);

#define CHART_PRINT_NAMES 0x1000 // print labels for each block? #define CHART_GEN_GDL 0x4000 // generate .gdl file (file extension is forced to .gdl) #define CHART_WINGRAPH 0x8000 // call wingraph32 to display the graph #define CHART_NOLIBFUNCS 0x0400 // don't include library functions in the graph

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