IDA Debugger: Overview

Adding Dynamic Analysis to IDA

In addition to being a disassembler, IDA is also a powerful and versatile debugger. It supports multiple debugging targets and can handle remote applications, via a "remote debugging server".


Debugging files on the three platforms IDA natively runs on (i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) is straightforward, and thanks to the power of remote debugging servers, it is possible to enable debugging of any executable, from any platform!

Look at how easy we've made it:

There! How's that for simplicity: from anywhere, you can debug anything!

You can be sitting at a Mac OS X machine, and get to debug Windows programs on another machine - or even in a virtual machine (that's actually how we enable kernel debugging. See details below!)

This, of course, is just an overview. Below, you will find a detailed table describing exactly what is supported, as well as some additional notes.

Cross-Platform Debugging Is Powerful!

IDA's Cross-Platform debugging features these characteristics:

Detailed Debugging Capabilities

Here are more details on how to debug specific platforms, from other platforms:

IDA runs on:
IDA runs on:
IDA runs on:
Mac OS X
Target Platform:
Windows 32/64-bit
Local/Remote Remote Remote On 32-bit Windows platforms, remote only.
Target Platform:
Linux 32/64-bit
Remote Local/Remote Remote On 32-bit Linux platforms, remote only.
Supported platforms: x86/x64/ARM32 Linux/ARM Android
Target Platform:
OS X x86/x64
Remote Remote Local/Remote On 32-bit Mac OS X platforms, remote only.
Target Platform:
iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Remote Remote Remote Supports iOS >= 9
Target Platform:
Bochs Emulator Bochs Emulator Bochs Emulator
Target Platform:
GDB Server
GDB Server GDB Server GDB Server Debugger based on GDB Server. Particularly useful for windows or linux kernel debugging via VMWare, or even QEMU-based debugging.
Currently (IDA 7.4) supported processors: x86/x64, ARM/AArch64, PowerPC, MIPS, Motorola 68k, Infineon TriCore, and Renesas RH850.
Target Platform:
WinDBG 32/64-bit
Remote / / Both user-mode and kernel-mode debugging are available. 64-bit debugging is supported too. See the help page
Target Platform:
Android (Dalvik)
Remote Remote Remote Both DEX bytecode and source level debugging are available. Please note that our Linux debugger can handle native code as well.



We have written many tutorials to help get you started using the debuggers: