Hex-Rays Decompiler Support

User manual

The decompiler user manual can be found here. It has a small primer and detailed command reference.

The decompiler SDK

If programming is one of your skills, why not benefit from the application programming interface (API) to the decompiler? The decompiler output is available as a tree structure. You can implement your own analysis methods and modify the tree the way you want. Click here for a sample decompiler plugin.

IDA support pages

IDA has an extensive set of support pages, tutorials, and user contributions. You will also find papers describing the underlying technology, screen shots, extension samples, and other interesting stuff. Some pages are protected and require a password. Our customers can find the password in the download message. Click here for the main IDA support page.

Extensive File Dumper

You can also download a small freeware utility: an extensive file dumper. It supports virtually all popular executable file formats: EXE, NE, LE, LX, PE, NLM, XCOFF, COFF, OMF, DBG, PRC, PEF, OS9, N64, PSX, EPOC, AR, AMIGA, ELF, ECOFF, HP SOM, GEOS, OLE2, AIF, AOF, AOUT, PE+, OMF166, MachO, XE/XBE, JPG, CIFF, TMOBJ, MRW, TIFF, MPG, CWLIB XCP.DAT, WMF, DSO, PDB Here is the download link: efd.zip